Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Racks That Maximum Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

Optimize Space Usage and Efficiency With a Custom Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking systems from Distribution X are the perfect solution for warehouses looking to maximize storage density and improve order fulfillment processes. Our selective pallet racks offer multiple levels of storage and adjustable beam heights. These features allow you to store various items in a single bay. The design also provides excellent weight capacity and inventory visibility, helping you keep track of your stored items more effectively and safely.

Whether you need a single deep selective pallet rack or an entire system built to the precise specifications of your facility, DX works with you to customize each element. Our tailored solutions include sprinkler systems, wire decking, backstops, and column protectors. From safety to storage, we provide the features required to run your business and protect your people and products.

Why Choose DX’s Selective Pallet Rack Services?

As the most common warehouse rack storage system available, selective pallet rack services are offered by any solutions provider. Distribution X set itself apart from the competition with:

  • Lower project costs: Because we have an in-house team of engineers and installation experts, our projects require less capital investment.
  • Experience: Our team has decades of combined experience on projects of all sizes and budgets and knows how to leverage that expertise to ensure your selective pallet racking provides long-term value and functionality.
  • Labor and manufacturer warranties: We guarantee our labor and back it with a one-year warranty. And because we only install systems produced by the industry’s leading brands, you’re also covered by their factory warranties.

Comprehensive Selective Pallet Rack Services

Simply installing pallet rack storage isn’t enough to ensure you have an optimized solution. At Distribution X, we take a comprehensive approach to pallet-racking system projects. Our full-service turnkey services include: 

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From single deep selective pallet racks to double deep pallet rackings that require specialized lift trucks, Distribution X provides material handling solutions that increase storage capacity and enhance operational efficiency. Reach out today to set up a consultation and receive an estimate at no cost.

How Selective Pallet Racks From Distribution X Benefit Your Business

As your business grows, you will undoubtedly require more storage space to keep up with demand. One of the many advantages of selective pallet racking systems is that they increase space utilization. By using a single deep selective pallet rack, you maximize space usage while ensuring easy access to goods. 

Additional benefits that DX’s selective pallet racking systems offer include:

  • Reduced product damage: Selective pallet racking systems can help prevent product damage, as they are designed to handle heavier loads and provide better stability.
  • Improved safety: Selective pallet racks have in-built safety features, including protection against the rack structure’s overloading and accidental collapse.
  • Enhanced inventory control: With selective pallet racking, you can easily manage your inventory and keep track of goods in stock or need replacing.
  • Minimized labor needs: Selective pallet racks require less physical handling than other storage systems, resulting in fewer employees needed for warehousing operations.
  • Higher stock turnover:  As you can access goods with ease and speed, you can move items quickly in and out of the warehouse.
  • Improved customer service: With the right selective pallet racking system, your warehouse can keep up with customer demand while ensuring fast delivery times and reliable order fulfillment.
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Material Handling Solutions for All Your Storage Needs

Distribution X offers a wide variety of warehouse racking solutions, including drive-in/drive-thru, push-back, cantilever, double deep, pallet flow, carton flow, pick module, overhead cranes, and vertical lift modules. Our racking systems are designed to maximize storage density for both large and small warehouses.

We understand the importance of providing high-quality materials and efficient installation services to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their new racking system. With Distribution X, you can rest assured your warehouse is equipped with the most suitable and efficient racking solution for your current needs while being ideal for future objectives. The DX team is highly experienced in the field and readily available to meet at your site to provide guidance and assistance in creating an effective system that meets your specifications.

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