Cantilever Rack Installation Services

Install a Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack to Better Store Long, Bulky, or Oddly Shaped Items

You don’t have to deal with the headaches and inefficiencies of storing large, heavy, or bulky items in your warehouse. Designed for versatility and durability, cantilever racks offer optimal storage solutions for items that don’t fit traditional shelving units. At Distribution X, we specialize in seamless cantilever racking system installations, maximizing your space and improving workflow efficiency. Turn to us to handle your material handling equipment installation needs promptly and cost-effectively.

  • Warranty Backed Cantilever Rack Installations

    DX proudly stands behind our workmanship and materials. We provide a one-year warranty that covers our installations and extensive manufacturer warranties for the materials used.

  • Safety and Compliance Assured

    Nothing is more important than safety and compliance. A DX safety manager is always on-site during cantilever racking system installs to ensure all industry and OSHA regulations are met.

  • Seamless Teardown and Decommission

    From relocating your current system to upgrading to a new one, DX’s comprehensive teardown and decommission services ensure a smooth pallet-racking transition.

Choose an Expert for Your Cantilever Racking System Installation

The experts at DX ensure precision, reliability, and expertise when installing your cantilever storage system. Our team’s experience covers several types of cantilever racks, including:

  • Single-Sided Cantilever Racks: These cantilevers are ideal for storing long, bulky items such as lumber, pipes, or tubing. DX’s single-sided cantilever rack installation services ensure optimal placement and stability for these racks.
  • Double-Sided Cantilever Racks: Double-sided systems maximize storage space and accessibility in warehouses, allowing for efficient storage of items like steel bars or furniture. DX’s installation expertise guarantees sturdy and functional double-sided rack configurations.
  • Mobile Racks: Designed for high-density storage, mobile racks offer flexibility and mobility for accessing stored items. DX ensures precise installation and smooth operation of mobile cantilevers to streamline your material handling processes.
  • Light-Duty Racks: Light-duty cantilever systems are suitable for storing lighter items like PVC piping, trim, or small timber. DX ensures secure installation and proper weight distribution for safe and efficient storage.
  • Heavy-Duty Racks: Heavy-duty cantilever racks are engineered to support heavier loads such as steel coils, heavy timber, or machinery parts. DX’s installation services prioritize structural integrity and load-bearing capacity to ensure safety and stability for heavy-duty storage needs.

Frequently Asked Cantilever Rack Installation Questions

DX’s pallet rack and steel structure installation process varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but we strive to complete installations efficiently while maintaining quality. For a more detailed timeline, please reach out with information about your project.

DX has a project portfolio of past cantilever rack installations and can provide references or case studies upon request.

DX manages all site preparation and logistics aspects, including obtaining necessary permits, coordinating deliveries, and ensuring proper material handling installation procedures.

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