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Distribution X is a leading material handling equipment integrator providing a full complement of warehouse rack storage systems and automation solutions that meet the unique demands of your facility. Our expertise in supply chain processes with automation solutions is designed to alleviate pressures from increased consumer demand and potential labor shortages.


As a Nationwide provider of Material Handling Soultions we can provide a Full Turn Key Solution that caters to your Supply Chain needs.

Why Distribution X

Distribution X is specialized in Material Handling Solutions with a focus on Automation, Racking Storage Systems, and Ergonomic Solutions that will create efficient utilization of space.

warehouse racking solutions

Off-the-shelf products for warehouse racking solutions sometimes do not meet the standards, space, or efficiencies you need to boost productivity. Whether creating a new startup or adjusting current production to account for increased demand, our expert team at Distribution X can help you overcome efficiency roadblocks with custom racking solutions, automated solutions, and engineering services tailored to your unique challenges.

Integrating safe warehouse rack storage systems ensures you have the design and engineering needed to maximize facility space regardless of types of racking or automation needed. Our team will utilize modern automation solutions and advanced technology that allows you to maintain a competitive edge in today’s incredibly fast-paced marketplace. 

For us, it is all about finding the best space optimization that fits your business needs with high-quality professional installation that gives you the tools to grow and remain flexible to overcome demand needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to building a new material handling solution designed to enhance your business productivity.

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Solutions Tailored to your Warehouse Needs

How It Works

Every client has a unique material handling need to address. Whether that is planning out a new build facility using the latest CAD-supported layouts, retrofitting an existing distribution center to meet needs or integrating fully automated space-saving rack & shelving, or automated systems.  We work hard to create a customized solution for your production needs. In general, this process involves:


Review the on-site requirements of your business needs, target market, supply chain, facility space, and technology integrations so we can better understand how to create a solution that addresses labor issues, and rising demands.

Planning & Engineering

Design a workable solution based on our years of experience as a material handling equipment provider and layout on CAD to better understand the use of space and how the process will flow from receiving to shipping.

Present Solutions

We send over a quote of what we suggest for improving your facilities so that you can provide feedback and adjustments to ensure a consistent process.

Professional Installation & Project Management

Our team will follow OSHA industry-accepted installation guidelines to safely and reliably create your new rack shelving solution, while an onsite Project Manager will be there every step of the way to ensure a solid installation and delivery.

Follow Up

We double-check to see how everything is moving so we can make adjustments or improvements depending on production and market needs. Our general outline is modifiable based on each and every client. In our years of experience, we have learned the best way to address the needs of our industry is through bespoke customer service. Are you ready to experience the difference with Distribution X? Schedule a consultation and get started with your turnkey warehouse solutions today!

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