Pallet Flow Rack Installation Services

Maximize Space Use and Inventory Rotation With a Pallet Flow Racking System Installation

Are you tired of dealing with inefficient warehouse layouts and inventory management challenges? Say goodbye to wasted space and inventory spoilage with a pallet flow racking system. These innovative solutions, also known as gravity flow racks, maximize space utilization and ensure efficient inventory rotation, saving you time and money. Distribution X offers turnkey pallet flow rack installation services backed by expertise and a commitment to excellence. Let us help you optimize your warehouse space and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Warranty Backed System Installations

At DX, we stand behind our workmanship and materials with comprehensive warranties. Our one-year workmanship warranty guarantees the quality of our pallet flow rack installation services, while our partnerships with leading manufacturers provide extensive material
warranties for added peace of mind.

Ensure Safety and Compliance for Your Pallet Flow Rack Installation

While increasing storage capacity, loading and unloading efficiency, and ease of use for forklift operators are essential, they all come second to safety and compliance. DX prioritizes the safety of people, property, and material handling installation investments. With a dedicated safety manager overseeing every installation, we adhere rigorously to OSHA regulations, ensuring a secure working environment.

DX’s installation expertise and commitment to safety covers all pallet flow systems, including:

Full-Width Roller Systems

Utilizing rollers across the rack’s width, these pallet flow racking systems allow for smooth movement of pallets. DX’s installation ensures precise alignment and proper roller functionality, optimizing the flow of goods and minimizing the risk of jams or disruptions.

Skate Wheel Systems

Featuring rows of metal wheels, these systems provide flexibility and efficiency in pallet movement. DX ensures the correct installation and alignment of skate wheels, enabling seamless product flow and maximizing storage density within the pallet flow rack structure.

Span Track System

Incorporating aluminum or steel tracks, span track systems offer enhanced versatility for varying load sizes. DX’s expertise ensures the proper configuration and installation of span tracks, facilitating efficient flow and organization of goods while reducing the risk of product damage.

Wheel Track Systems

Utilizing durable polyethylene or steel wheels, wheel track systems offer reliable support for pallets in dynamic storage environments. DX’s gravity racking system installation expertise ensures precise alignment and smooth operation of wheel tracks, optimizing workflow and enhancing overall warehouse efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Pallet Flow Racking Installation Questions

The timeline varies depending on factors such as the size of the project and site-specific considerations, but we strive to complete installations promptly without compromising quality. Please reach out to DX with your project information for a more detailed timeframe.

DX’s experienced team efficiently dismantles, refurbishes, removes, and relocates existing rack systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations during a teardown or decommission.

We carefully plan and schedule pallet rack installations to minimize disruptions, working collaboratively with your team to ensure seamless integration with your workflow.

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