Pick Module Installation Services

Optimize Picking, Packing, and Shipping Operations With a Pick Module System Installation

Are inefficient order processing and constant bottlenecks slowing your warehouse or distribution center operations and impacting your bottom line? Streamline your storage and retrieval processes with an advanced pick module system. By organizing inventory for optimal accessibility and integrating cutting-edge technologies, Distribution X’s pick module installation services ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Turn to our experienced team to deliver turnkey solutions that maximize your warehouse potential and drive your business forward.

Warranty Backed Labor and Materials

At Distribution X, we stand behind our workmanship with a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring quality and reliability in every pick module installation. Additionally, we supply extensive manufacturer warranties to provide coverage for the materials we install, giving you peace of mind and long-term protection for your investment.

Ensure the Safe and Compliant Installation of Your Pick Module Solution

Ensuring your pick module systems integrate seamlessly with your product flows, layout, and existing solutions is essential, but equally vital is doing so safely and compliantly. DX prioritizes safety and compliance by adhering to all industry standards and OSHA regulations. With an on-site safety manager providing oversight, inspections, and guidance throughout the material handling installation process, your people and property are protected.

Carton Flow Modules

Carton flow systems utilize gravity-fed conveyor lanes to transport cartons or totes to picking stations, ensuring a continuous flow of products for efficient order fulfillment. DX’s installation services include configuring and installing the conveyor lanes to optimize workflow and maximize productivity.

Pallet Flow Modules

Designed for fast-moving SKUs, pallet flow systems utilize gravity-fed rollers or wheels to transport pallets to picking positions, streamlining pallet handling and order-picking processes. DX ensures precise installation of these modules to enhance warehouse efficiency and minimize downtime.

Static Shelving Modules

Consisting of multi-level shelving units, static shelving pick modules provide manual picking options with stairways or ladders. DX’s installation services involve strategically setting up these shelving units to accommodate various inventory types and facilitate easy access for pickers.

Dynamic Modules

Integrating automated picking technologies like pick-to-light or voice picking systems, dynamic pick modules enhance picking accuracy and efficiency. DX’s installation expertise ensures seamless integration of these technologies into existing warehouse operations, improving overall productivity and order fulfillment speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pick Module Installations

DX’s installation times vary based on the size and complexity of the project, but we always aim to complete the process as efficiently and quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. For a more detailed estimate, please get in touch with us to provide information about your project.

Absolutely, DX understands that every facility is unique. We accommodate customizations to ensure your new system aligns perfectly with your operational needs.

Yes, whether you need to relocate, refurbish, or remove an existing engineered system, DX can handle all aspects of teardown and decommissioning for existing infrastructure.

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