Activated Roller Belt System Installation Services

Efficiently Sort, Diverge, Merge, Align, or Singulate With an Activated Roller Belt System Installation

Are inefficient sorting processes slowing your operations, limiting productivity, and affecting your bottom line? Enhance the operational efficiency of your facility with an activated roller belt system. These versatile mechanical conveyor rollers streamline sorting, merging, diverging, aligning, and singulating tasks, boosting throughput. At Distribution X, we specialize in seamless roller belt installation services tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rely on us to enhance your material handling operations.

  • Warranty Backed

    A one-year workmanship warranty backs DX’s activated roller belt installations. And because we partner with the leading material manufacturers, we provide the most extensive material warranties.

  • Safety and Compliance Assured

    DX prioritizes safety and compliance at every stage. We adhere strictly to all industry regulations and compliance standards and always have a safety manager on site to provide oversight and inspections.

  • Teardown and Decommission

    DX offers efficient and meticulous teardown and decommissioning services, minimizing disruption and ensuring seamless transitions when needed. Whether refurbishing, removing, or relocating a system, you can count on a seamless experience.

Explore the Conveyor Belting Systems We Install

Ideal for irregularly shaped or heavy loads in settings like distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, ecommerce centers, or warehouses, roller belt systems are an effective solution. But choosing a system that matches your specific requirements is crucial. DX installs a wide range of activated roller belts, including:

  • Merging and Sorting Systems: These roller belt systems merge multiple conveyor lines or sort items based on predetermined criteria, optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • Diverting Systems: Diverting systems redirect items to different conveyor lines or destinations based on specific parameters, enhancing sorting accuracy.
  • Singulating Systems: Singulating systems separate items from a bulk flow into single-file streams, facilitating downstream processes such as scanning or picking.
  • Aligning Systems: Aligning systems adjust the orientation of items on the conveyor line to ensure proper positioning for downstream processing or packaging.

Frequently Asked Roller Belt Questions

Material handling system installation timelines vary depending on project scope and complexity, but DX works efficiently to minimize downtime and complete projects promptly. Please reach out with details of your project so we can provide a more accurate timeline.

We maintain open communication channels with clients, proactively address issues, and adjust project timelines to ensure smooth progress.

Roller conveyors offer several key benefits, including increased efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness in transporting goods, reducing manual handling, and optimizing workflow processes.

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