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Ensure a Smooth Transition With Distribution X’s Comprehensive Warehouse Racking Installations

At Distribution X, we’re not just material handling installers—we’re experts in warehouse transformations. Just as a sturdy foundation supports a building, our world-class warehouse racking installations ensure your facility runs smoothly, maximizes storage capacity, and optimizes storage and retrieval processes. But comprehensive automated, mechanical, and pallet racking installations aren’t the only way we support your material handling operations:

Teardown and Decommission

DX’s teardown and decommission services ensure seamless transitions for your facility. Whether upgrading systems, relocating, or refurbishing, we handle it all, providing peace of mind and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

Safety and Compliance

With dedicated safety managers overseeing material handling installers, DX prioritizes safety and compliance. From meticulous inspections to adherence to OSHA regulations, we ensure a secure environment for your operations, minimizing risks and enhancing workplace safety.

Labor and Material Warranties

DX guarantees top-notch workmanship and materials, ensuring durable warehouse racking installations. We provide extensive manufacturer warranties to protect against defects, while our workmanship warranty assures quality labor.

Explore the Racking Systems We Install

Automated System Installations

Automated systems streamline operations for peak efficiency. DX, your trusted material handling installer, customizes installations for seamless integration into your workflow.

Automated System Installations

Mechanical Conveyor Installations

Mechanical conveyor installations by DX optimize storage space and accessibility. Our experienced team ensures precision installations tailored to your warehouse needs.

Mechanical Conveyor Installations

Pallet Rack & Steel Structure Installations

Pallet racking installations by DX maximize storage capacity and organization. We install robust pallet racking systems to support your inventory management goals.

Pallet Rack & Steel Structure Installations

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rack Installation Services

Timelines vary depending on the project’s scope, but we strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising quality. For a more detailed timeline, please reach out to DX with information about your project.

Visit our portfolio to view photos and details from recent warehouse racking installation projects DX has recently completed across various industries.

DX tailors our warehouse racking installations to meet your unique needs, optimizing space utilization and operational efficiency.

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