Powered Conveyor

Improve Your Operations With a Customized Power Conveyor System

Increase Loading and Unloading Efficiency With Powered Conveyors

Distribution X offers custom powered conveyor solutions to revolutionize your warehouse’s operation. Our conveyors are easy to use and provide a reliable solution for moving inventory in your warehouse or distribution center. With a powered conveyor system, you ensure your goods are transferred quickly and smoothly while eliminating the need for manual labor, which increases productivity and reduces operational costs.

We offer a variety of powered conveyor systems, including powered roller and belt conveyors. The DX team of experts works directly with you to find the perfect solution for any inefficiency or need. Our powered conveyors are ideal for transporting in various directions, including up and down and horizontally. These systems can also transport heavier items than manual methods, making them suitable for warehouses with high-volume operations. Powered conveyors configured by DX enable you to quickly and safely move large amounts of product from one warehouse area to another—increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Powered Belt Conveyors

Powered belt conveyors are the most versatile and straightforward material handling systems. Based on capacity and stability requirements, they consist of a roller or steel bed on which a conveyor belt rides. These systems allow for the smooth transportation of many different loads. DX’s powered belt conveyors do not rely on gravity, making them an economical solution for needs not suited for gravity systems. They are ideal for automating manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment operations.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered roller conveyors use a motor-driven belt, chain, or shaft to move loads down the line with less effort than unpowered gravity flow models. Perfect for warehousing, manufacturers, and package handlers, they offer even spacing and a steady base for items like drums, pails, skids, and bags. You can also move loads sideways across their width. The minimum item size must have three rollers of support at all times.

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Increase Automation Through Powered Conveyors

Distribution X is here to help businesses reach their automation goals quickly and efficiently. With our extensive selection of quality powered conveyor solutions, we transform your business with maximized throughput, increased accuracy, and reduced waste.

Our powered conveyors are especially beneficial to pallet racking systems that require frequent product picking and sorting. These systems are often used in warehouses that use automated pick-and-place machines. DX’s powered conveyors are designed to move products from one station to another while sorting them into specific bins or shelves. All these factors combine to make them an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient material handling solution that reduces operating costs, human error, and time-consuming processes.

Turnkey Solutions

Distribution X’s in-house teams of engineers and installation technicians ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget every time. Whether you need a powered roller conveyor or a powered belt conveyor, we work with you through each phase to deliver fully-customized solutions that drive your business forward.

Our comprehensive, turnkey services allow you to focus on your business, not the tedious aspects of a new system installation. DX is your one-stop solution for:

Because we are a self-performing team, DX minimizes costs and turnaround times. And your powered conveyor system investment is protected by our workmanship warranty and all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

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