Pallet Flow Racks

Simplifying Your Material Handling With Pallet Flow Racking

Increase Efficiency and Ease of Access With a Custom Flow Racking System

Pallet flow racks, also known as gravity flow pallet racks, are an excellent high-density storage solution for any warehouse or distribution center. These systems utilize gravity to move pallets along the length of the rack, creating easy and efficient access to goods. Pallet flow racking systems feature adjustable lanes and tracks that Distribution X customizes to fit your exact needs. Along with efficiency and ease of use, we keep safety in mind, so you can rest assured your employees are safe and products secure.

DX’s pallet flow racking solutions are reliable and durable because we source them from our industry-leading manufacturing partners. We also offer several racking accessories, such as guard rails, speed controllers, stop bars, and decking options, allowing you to customize your system even further. With pallet flow racks crafted by Distribution X, your space is optimized and promotes quality, operational efficiency, and safety.

How Pallet Flow Racks Work

DX designs pallet flow racks to store large or heavy items that need to be accessed quickly. Your inventory is placed onto a slightly pitched series of wheels or rollers, which allows it to move down the flow lane and be easily retrieved from the front storage space. Pallet flow racks are especially useful when you have multiple orders for the same product, as they reduce search and retrieval times.

The Benefits of Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet flow racks are among the most popular and common storage systems because of their many advantages to our clients. Those benefits include decreased product damage due to improper handling, streamlined order fulfillment, and improved space utilization. They are also cost-effective because they require minimal maintenance and are easily scaled to your operations as they evolve.

Request Your Pallet Flow Racking Quote Today

If you’re looking for a customized material handling solution that increases storage capacity while reducing product damage and handling costs, reach out to Distribution X. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your specific pallet flow racking system needs and provide a quote at no charge.

Turnkey Solutions for Your Pallet Flow Racking

Whether you’re building a new facility or overhauling an inefficient one, the last thing you want is a prolonged and complicated pallet flow racking installation process. When you choose Distribution X for your material handling needs, you have a single-source provider that handles each phase of your project. 

Our in-house engineers and installation experts minimize your project costs and timelines. DX’s end-to-end services include:

System Integration 

We specialize in pallet flow racking systems focusing on automation and space utilization. We design, engineer, and integrate systems tailored to your existing requirements while keeping future objectives in mind. With DX’s vast network of manufacturing partners, you have the comfort of knowing your pallet flow racking is of the highest quality and backed by a craftsmanship warranty and all manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.

Facility Planning, CAD Design Engineering, and Permitting

The key to delivering advanced rack structure and pallet flow systems is understanding your material handling processes, warehouse layout, and daily requirements. During our initial on-site meeting, our team gathers this information to verify CAD drawings and design pallet flow racking and automated solutions fit to your business’s unique needs. And you never have to worry about dealing with the tediousness or frustrations of permitting—Distribution X handles all of it for you. 

Source and Procurement 

Working with Distribution X ensures your project is implemented correctly and provides long-term results and value. That’s because we leverage our partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers to deliver the best pallet-racking system. No matter where in the country you are or the types of compliance standards and codes you face, you can rely on DX.

Project Management and Installation 

From small flow storage racks to substantial pallet flow rack systems, knowledgeable oversight and expert installation are critical to a successful implementation. DX’s project managers oversee all phases from kickoff to sign-off, ensuring your installation is completed on time and within budget. Both our PMs and installation technicians are focused on the quality of your pallet flow racks and the safety of everyone on site. 

Your Source for Any Warehouse Racking Needs

Pallet flow racks offer several benefits but are not always the ideal solution. If flow racks aren’t the best storage system for you, Distribution X provides a wide variety of warehouse rack solutions to move your business forward through enhanced automation, efficiency, and capacity, including

Save Time and Money With Automation

Interested in boosting reliability, productivity, and efficiency while increasing your bottom line? Look to Distribution X’s automation services to learn how we deliver these benefits.