Double-Deep Pallet Racking

Expand Your Storage Capabilities With Double-Deep Racking

Maximize Efficiency and Storage Capacity With a Double-Deep Racking System

Double deep pallet racking is a highly efficient storage system designed to maximize the use of warehouse space. This type of racking system allows you to store two pallets in each aisle, doubling the capabilities of traditional single-deep systems. The additional storage capacity is ideal for warehouses holding many pallets while keeping them easily accessible. When designed and installed by Distribution X, double-deep racking improves warehouse productivity and reduces unnecessary labor costs.

We specialize in crafting double-deep pallet racking systems tailored to your needs. The DX team understands the importance of maximizing storage capacity while minimizing labor costs and can help you develop a system that meets your unique requirements. Our experienced team is committed to providing quality solutions, competitive pricing, and unmatched customer service.

The Benefits of Double-Deep Racking

Distribution X’s customized double-deep pallet racking systems provide businesses with several benefits, including: 

  • Increased storage density: Double-deep pallet racking systems store twice as many pallets as a standard racking system. 
  • Reduced aisle widths: With double deep pallet racks, the aisles between rows can be significantly narrower, helping to maximize available warehouse space. 
  • Enhanced safety: By reducing aisle widths, double-deep racking helps minimize the risk of accidents and injury. 
  • Improved productivity: Because of their increased storage density, double-deep pallet racking enables faster and more efficient picking operations.
  • Minimized loading and unloading times: With double deep pallet racks, you can reduce loading/unloading times as there is less distance between one row and another.

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Providing Warehouse Racking Solutions Beyond Double-Deep Systems

Double-Deep pallet racking systems are a popular choice for busy warehouses that need to use every inch of their floor space effectively. But every business has its own storage rack needs and may not benefit from double-deep racking. That’s why Distribution X offers a wide variety of fully-customizable pallet storage solutions, including:

Storage racking pallet system for warehouse metal shelving distribution center_

Additional Solutions to Enhance Your Storage Space

For warehouses looking to expand beyond pallet storage, Distribution X offers a variety of solutions. Our warehouse racking systems include mezzanines and platforms, conveyor systems, automated components, and VNA tracking.