Cantilever Racks

Enhance Your Business With a Customized Cantilever Racking System

Efficiently Store Your Most Substantial Products With a Heavy-Duty Cantilever Rack

Heavy-duty cantilever racks are designed to store and organize long, bulky items like steel, timber, pipe, and other sizable products. These systems are especially beneficial for warehouse owners and operators looking to maximize storage space and simplify the loading and unloading processes beyond the capabilities of traditional shelving or pallet racks. Cantilever racks also offer a higher degree of safety and stability than other types of racking, making them ideal for warehouses requiring the highest level of safety and dependability. With Distribution X’s reliable construction and versatile design, cantilever racks offer a safe and efficient storage solution for businesses everywhere.

We offer a selection of cantilever racking systems that provide superior strength and reliability. The experienced team at DX custom-designs each system to meet your operations’ varying size and style requirements. And because we have an in-house team of engineers and installation experts, we ensure you get the best value and results for your money. We also back all labor with our one-year craftsmanship warranty and adhere to all manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.

How Cantilever Racking Works

Cantilever racks consist of vertical columns with horizontal arms that extend out from the column in a cantilevered style. The arms hold the items off the ground and away from obstructions so your staff can easily access them. Cantilever racking systems are most commonly used in warehouses for storing large quantities of items that require regular access. The arms can be adjusted to different lengths and heights to accommodate different sizes and types of objects, making them incredibly versatile.

Distribution X’s racks are extremely durable thanks to our heavy-duty construction, making them ideal for warehouses with high foot traffic or heavier loads. Cantilever racks designed and installed by DX improve efficiency by maximizing space utilization and streamlining your organization’s processes.

We specialize in integrating material handling solutions centered around automation and space utilization. Our in-house team designs, engineers, and handles all permitting for your cantilever racking. We also rely on our vast network of industry-leading manufacturers to source and procure the highest quality products. And our experienced project managers and installation experts ensure your light-duty or heavy-duty cantilever racks are built to exacting standards.

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Your Source for Turnkey Cantilever Racking Solutions

When you choose Distribution X as your pallet racking provider, you get more than a cantilever racking system. You gain a partner that works with you through each step of the process. As a full-service material handling solutions expert, you can rely on DX to provide the following:

Warehouse Cantilever Racking Systems for storage Aluminum Pipe or profiles. Pallet Rack and Industrial Warehouse Racking. Steel profiles, sheet metal build-profile

Systems Integration 

DX offers comprehensive material handling solutions emphasizing automation and efficient use of space. We customize, develop, and assemble systems according to your needs. Our vast network of partners ensures we deliver the best possible turnkey solution quickly and affordably.

Facility Planning, CAD Design Engineering, and Permitting

During an initial on-site meeting, we capture the facility layout, ensuring we can verify CAD drawings, plan space, visualize inventory moves, and the existing material handling equipment and processes already in place. Accurately gathering these details allows Distribution X’s engineering team to design and lay out an optimized cantilever rack storage system and automated solutions. And we streamline the process by handling all permitting requirements. 

Source and Procurement

Having the right partner is essential to successful project execution. DX’s extensive network of manufacturers guarantees your new cantilever racking system meets national standards, codes, and specifications. Plus, you have the comfort of knowing your system is of the highest quality.

Project Management and Installation 

Distribution X’s skilled project managers are your reliable point of contact throughout your cantilever racking system installation. They oversee projects from start to finish, providing guidance and on-time and cost-effective solutions. We provide our in-house installation crews for all sizes of jobs, from modest racks to complete warehouse overhauls. And safety’s always a top priority. For everyone associated with a DX install, strictly following OSHA standards is a must. 

Providing More Than Cantilever Racking Solutions

Some warehouse environments require more than one material handling system. Whether you need multiple storage systems or a cantilever rack isn’t the best option for your business, Distribution X is here to help. 

Along with cantilever racks, we offer various other pallet rack storage solutions, including:

Discover Our Mezzanine and Platform Solutions

DX’s mezzanines and platforms allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively  increase vertical storage.