Warehouse Wire Decking

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Optimize Your Material Handling With Custom Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Wire decking is essential to any warehouse, distribution center, or sorting facility. Pallet rack decking provides a stable surface for your pallet racks and storage systems and offers superior safety and fire prevention capabilities. With the right warehouse wire decking solution from Distribution X, you can maximize storage capacity and efficiency in your facility while keeping your goods safe and secure.

We understand that no two warehouses are alike, and each requires tailored material handling solutions to thrive. That’s why we offer custom pallet rack decking solutions to meet the needs of your project, regardless of scope, budget, or location. Whether you need standard wire decking or something more specialized, our team of experts works with you to design and install the perfect solution for your facility. When you choose DX’s custom solutions and superior products, you can be sure your goods are secure and that your facility runs smoothly.

Turnkey Solutions

Distribution X provides turnkey warehouse wire decking services with system integration, facility planning, CAD design engineering and permitting, source and procurement with industry-leading manufacturing partners, project management, and installation. Our wire decking solutions are available in various styles and materials to fit any material handling and storage application.

Benefits of Warehouse Wire Decking:

When you outfit your facility with wire decking, you take advantage of:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable and secure construction eliminates the risk of products falling through the racks
  • Optimal storage capacity
  • Increased safety standards in the storage, distribution, or fulfillment environment
  • Maximum ventilation and air flow circulation in the warehouse space

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Your Source for All Warehouse Wire Decking Needs

Based on your storage needs, daily operations, and future objectives, Distribution X crafts pallet rack wire decking for your specific applications. We offer a variety of systems custom built with depth of pallet, weight capacities, and ease of loading and unloading requirements in mind, including:

  • Standard: Ideal for conventional pallet rack systems, DX’s wire decking is perfect for storing lighter-weight items such as boxes, bags, and other small goods.
  • Heavy-Duty: DX’s extra-strength wire decking is best for heavier-duty applications, suitable for storing industrial goods such as drums, large boxes, and heavy machinery.
  • Mesh: Wire mesh decking is typically used by DX’s clients with more specialized applications, requiring extra reinforcement and security against falls or shifting loads.
  • Perforated: With perforations to allow water drainage or interior visibility to check stock levels, DX’s perforated warehouse wire decking is perfect for outdoor use or damp environments.
Finished goods warehouse, metal profile packed in bundles_

Offering Comprehensive Pallet Racking Solutions

Distribution X is far more than a warehouse wire decking solutions provider. Along with decking, we also offer design, installation, and procurement of:

Through intelligent automation solutions and expert services, DX maximizes your warehouse’s productivity, safety, and efficiency. Our experienced team specializes in providing the best quality material handling solutions. With decades of combined experience working with warehouses and distribution centers, we understand the importance of having a reliable and secure storage system and ensure your business is equipped with one.