Vertical Lift Modules

Optimize operations at your warehouse or facility with our vertical lift module installation.

What Are Vertical Lift Modules?

Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are advanced storage systems designed to optimize space and improve efficiency in various industries. These automated units consist of vertically arranged trays or bins that can be easily accessed through a computer-controlled lifting mechanism. VLMs offer a compact footprint and a high storage density, making them ideal for storing small to medium-sized items. When an item needs to be retrieved, the VLM brings the designated tray to an ergonomic pick window, reducing the time and effort required for manual retrieval. These innovative solutions streamline inventory management, enhance productivity, and contribute to a more organized and efficient workflow.

What Applications Need a Vertical Lift Module Storage System?

The system consists of two main components: the vertical lift unit and a series of trays or bins. When an item needs to be stored or retrieved, an operator uses a computer interface to input the item’s location or identity. The VLM’s computerized control system then calculates the optimal tray position and activates the vertical lift. The lift moves up or down, bringing the designated tray to a retrieval or storage window. The operator can easily access the item without the need for manual searching or handling, ensuring efficient and error-free operations.

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Benefits of Distribution X’s Vertical Lift Module Installation

  • Space Optimization

    Utilizes vertical height, saving floor space and maximizing storage capacity.

  • Increased Productivity

    Automated storage and retrieval processes reduce search time and human errors, improving workflow efficiency.

  • Improved Inventory Management

    Real-time tracking and monitoring systems provide accurate data for better inventory control and optimization of reorder points.

  • Faster Order Fulfillment

    Streamlined workflow speeds up picking and packing processes, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Safer Workplace

    Reduces manual handling and bending, minimizing the risk of workplace injuries and promoting employee well-being.

  • Organization

    Ensures a more organized warehouse environment, making locating and retrieving items easier.

  • Cost Savings

    Optimized space usage, increased productivity, and reduced error rates contribute to overall cost savings.

  • Enhanced Security

    Controlled access and optional security features protect valuable or sensitive items from unauthorized handling, damage, or theft.

  • Versatility

    Suitable for various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, and libraries/archives.

  • Future-Proof Investment

    Adaptable and scalable technology that can grow with the business needs, ensuring long-term benefits.

Partner With Distribution X for Industry-Leading Vertical Lift Module Installation and Reliable VLM Storage

At Distribution X, our vertical lift modules redefine storage efficiency. With cutting-edge technology and a compact design, our VLMs maximize space utilization, streamline order fulfillment, and enhance inventory management. Experience increased productivity and contact our team to build a successful partnership today.