Push-Back Racking

Providing Customized Push-Back Racks for Greater Efficiency

Maximize Storage Capacity and Operational Efficiency With a Push-Back Pallet Racking System

Distribution X provides warehouse owners and operators with custom push-back racking systems for their facilities. Push-back racking is an innovative storage system that increases the density of your warehouse while enabling easy access to pallets. The system consists of a series of nested carts that move on inclined rails, allowing you to easily slide pallets into place on top of each other. With Distribution X’s push-back racking, you can utilize the entire vertical space in your warehouse, storing pallets deep and tall while still having easy access.

We tailor our push-back rack solutions to each customer’s individual needs. This means that the team at Distribution X designs and installs a solution that fits perfectly in your warehouse and makes the most efficient use of your available space. Our team has decades of combined experience designing and installing push-back racks for warehouses across the country, so you can be sure your optimized system is delivered on time and within budget.

Start-To-Finish Push-Back Racking Services

As a comprehensive material handling solutions provider, Distribution X handles every phase of your push-back racking project. We specialize in developing and integrating space utilization and automation solutions. Our team of engineers meets with you at your facility to gain a complete understanding of your operations and space. This allows the DX team to create CAD drawings and handle all permitting tasks promptly. Because we source racking from our vast network of industry-leading manufacturing partners, you never have to worry about anything less than the highest quality materials at your business. And our project managers and installation experts ensure your push-back racks are safe and OSHA-compliant.

The Benefits of Push-Back Racking

  • Optimized warehouse space and increased material storage capacity 
  • Increased access to items stored in the back of the push-back racks, allowing for quicker quickly access to inventory
  • Greater inventory organization because each product has its own place in the rack
  • Push-back racking systems are designed for easy installation and reconfiguration
  • Adaptable to any warehouse size or shape 
  • Increased cost-effectiveness over traditional pallet racking systems 
  • Enhanced safety features 
  • Reduced product damage due to improved accessibility and organization

Common Push-Back Pallet Racking Applications

Distribution X serves clients in a variety of industries across the nation. While push-back racking can enhance any warehousing or distribution setting, it’s most commonly utilized in these sectors:

  • Automotive
  • 3PL
  • Food and beverage
  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing and industrial

Request Your Push-Back Pallet Racking Quote Today

Are you ready to increase storage capacity, simplify product organization, and increase safety at your warehouse? If so, reach out to Distribution X today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your push-back racking needs and receive a quote.

Why Clients Turn to DX for Their Push-Back Racking Systems

We understand you have several options when choosing a partner to install stall high-density storage systems like push-back racking. That’s why, along with partnering with the highest quality system manufacturers, we provide unparalleled customer service. At DX, our goal is to form long-term partnerships that help our businesses grow together. To do that we:

Interior view of a warehouse with racks, pallets, goods, forklifts_

Guarantee Quality

Distribution X backs all of our craftsmanship and labor with a one-year warranty. If, for any reason, our installation services cause an issue with your push-back racking system, we quickly make it right at no cost to you. We further protect your investment by upholding all manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.

Customize Your Push-Back Racks

Whether you’re interested in a push-back racking for its cold storage capabilities or advanced storage density, your system needs to be designed and installed for your specific needs. When you choose DX as your material handling equipment installer, you have the comfort of knowing each element of your push-back system was designed to maximize results at your warehouse.

Minimize Costs and Timelines

Because we have an in-house team of engineers, designers, and installers, we don’t have to subcontract work or rely on the availability of other crews. This delivers cost savings and shorter turnaround times that help you optimize your operations and boost your bottom line more quickly.

Travel to You

At DX, we still believe in the power of face-to-face meetings. We know you can only truly understand and design a push-back racking system for a business once you’ve stepped foot in their facility. That’s why we take the time to meet you at your warehouse and develop your custom material handling solution—at our own expense.

Providing Material Handling Solutions Beyond Push-Back Racking

Our ultimate goal is to outfit your warehouse with a pallet racking system that best suits your operations. Sometimes the solution is push-back racks, but occasionally a different type of warehouse rack offers more significant advantages and functionality. 

Distribution X also designs and installs VNA wire guidance solutions to help maximize accessibility and storage capacity.