Overhead Cranes

Boost efficiency and increase safety with our line of overhead crane equipment.

Quality Overhead Crane Equipment Available at Distribution X

At Distribution X, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line, premium-quality overhead crane and racking equipment. In our large crane depot, you will find a comprehensive range of types, such as overhead bridge, workstation, jib, and gantry. Our systems are carefully constructed to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How Do Overhead Cranes Work?

Overhead bridge cranes work by tracking along a runway system mounted to the ceiling or supported by floor-mounted pillars. The crane itself consists of a movable bridge that carries a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and travels on an overhead fixed runway structure. Furthermore, it works with the support of control systems, hydraulic lifts, and material handling smart features that make for a smoother, safer operation.

The Benefits of Our Overhead Crane Equipment Installations

Our overhead crane installations offer numerous advantages to any business. The innovative features in our control systems allow for easy operation and control. The use of our overhead bridge cranes, for instance, can help reduce manual labor, increase efficiency, and improve worker safety. Additionally, our equipment, like jib cranes, gantry cranes, and workstation cranes, comes with conductor bars and other integrated features designed to enhance performance and reliability.

Request Your Overhead Crane Installation Quote Today

Are you looking to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse and also increase the safety of your employees? We are your go-to option for installations. Following your complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss the best overhead crane equipment for your space and provide a free quote.

Distribution X’s Extensive Selection Overhead Crane Parts Following Installation

Following our installation of crane equipment in your space, we also offer a vast selection of overhead crane parts to aid in maintenance and repair. Our catalog includes the following:

  • Various control systems
  • Electrical and mechanical components
  • Power systems and motors compatible with different models


We offer various remote control systems, sensors, and automatic positioning systems. They are designed to optimize the functionality and safety of your overhead crane system, whether it’s an overhead bridge crane, a workstation crane, or a jib crane.

Electrical Parts

To ensure the smooth running of your overhead crane, we supply superior-quality electrical parts. This includes conductor bars, resistors, circuit breakers, contactors, limit switches, and much more. These parts are crucial for the optimal operation of bridge cranes and other types.

Mechanical Parts

We also stock a wide range of mechanical parts such as gears, bearings, ropes, and locks necessary to maintain and repair various models, including gantry and jib cranes. Ensuring these parts are in top working condition is essential for the crane’s longevity.

Power Systems and Motors

Power systems, hydraulic lifts, and motors make up the heart of any efficient crane. Whether for a bridge or a workstation crane, we deliver quality products that match the best industry standards for durability and performance.

Distribution X: Your Go-To Source for Overhead Crane Installations

At Distribution X, we provide comprehensive support to customers for the maintenance of their overhead cranes, regardless of the brand or model. Our extensive inventory contains thousands of components to address regular maintenance requirements and unexpected emergencies. Through our attentive service reps, we can deliver parts promptly, ensuring that you consistently adhere to OSHA’s stringent compliance guidelines. Contact our team of experts to get started today.