Warehouse Mezzanines

Optimize Storage and Workflows With a Storage Mezzanine

Increase Profits and Efficiency With a Custom Warehouse Mezzanine System

Running a warehouse business is demanding and complex. And if your storage systems aren’t maximizing storage capacity and floor space, the challenges only worsen. One of the best solutions for making your operations more efficient is a warehouse mezzanine from Distribution X. Our structural and rack-supported storage mezzanines are elevated platforms that double your existing storage space, allowing you to increase revenue and your bottom line. Because custom warehouse mezzanine designs are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and load capacities, they’re ideal for any facility.

DX’s storage mezzanines are easy to install and require little to no disruptions or downtime. They maximize existing floor space and help increase safety by keeping personnel off the floor and away from heavy machinery or hazardous materials. Another attractive aspect of warehouse platforms is their cost-effectiveness. For a fraction of the price it takes to renovate your facility or build a new one, you can upgrade your building with a warehouse mezzanine system tailored to your specific operations and requirements.

Structural Mezzanines

Structural mezzanines are a great way to maximize space and store more inventory. With a professionally designed warehouse mezzanine system from DX, you increase available storage space and utilize empty vertical areas in your warehouse.

Providing Turnkey Platform and Storage Mezzanine Solutions

Distribution X’s turnkey warehouse mezzanine services ensure you get the most out of your existing space quickly and easily. Our team of experts specializes in system integrations and automation, facility planning, CAD design engineering and permitting, source and procurement, project management, and installation to provide clients with a comprehensive solution.

From increasing workspace to adding accessibility between different warehouse areas through stairs, ramps, lifts, or escalators, our experienced team tailors a customized system that transforms your daily operations. But the advantages of partnering with DX don’t end there. We also back all our work with a one-year workmanship warranty and adhere to all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

Request Your Warehouse Mezzanine Quote Today

Whether you’re interested in a warehouse platform to add office space or a storage mezzanine to increase capacity, Distribution X has solutions. Reach out to discuss the type of mezzanine you’re interested in and receive a quote at no cost.

Discover How You Can Take Advantage of a Warehouse Mezzanine System

Warehouse platforms are more than a multi-level storage system. Distribution X can design and install your system for various uses based on your current operations, future objectives, and safety and compliance requirements.

Practical Applications for Warehouse Mezzanines

Whether you need additional storage space or want to make use of untapped vertical space, DX’s warehouse platforms have several uses, including:

  • Increase storage capacity by creating extra floor space
  • Create a more organized and efficient facility layout
  • Easily separate and optimize different areas of the warehouse
  • Allow for efficient and safe movement between levels in the warehouse
  • Allow for easy access to inventory stored at height
  • Maximize existing ceiling heights to add more profitable storage options
  • Increase workspace through the addition of office or work area mezzanines
  • Free up valuable floor space for other uses
  • Add accessibility between areas of the warehouse with stairs, ramps, lifts, or escalators
  • Add plant offices, security hubs, or additional non-storage space
    Utilize existing overhead crane systems to streamline product movement

Industries That Benefit From Warehouse Mezzanines

Distribution X’s warehouse mezzanines benefit virtually any industry requiring material handling solutions, especially:

  • Warehousing, Fulfillment, Sorting
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Construction and Building Materials
  • Electronics
  • Appliance and Furniture Storage