Pallet Racking Installation Services

Providing Expert Wire Guidance System and Pallet Racking Installation

Ensure Optimal Performance With Professional Pallet Rack Installation

As a material handling business owner or operator, you have a lot to consider when installing a pallet rack system. While you may be tempted to take on the installation process in-house to cut costs, that may not be in your best interests in the long run. With many years of experience and an expert crew, Distribution X ensures your system is efficiently and safely set up while best utilizing your floor space. Because we have an in-house install team, we’re able to offer the highest quality services at a budget-friendly price.

Our installers are certified to install any type of pallet rack, including custom designs and wire guidance systems. And to make sure your business is free of disruptions or downtime, DX schedules pallet-racking installation times around your operations. You also have the comfort of knowing we back all rack installations with one-year workmanship and manufacturer warranties. When you trust Distribution X’s install services, you can rest assured your racks are appropriately integrated and products are safely stored and easy to retrieve.

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If you’re looking to maximize storage capacity, ensure safe and proper installation, and optimal efficiency, reach out to Distribution X. During your complimentary consultation, we can discuss your wire guidance system and pallet racking installation needs and provide a quote.

Our Pallet Racking Installation Process

Distribution X relies on the proven wire guidance system and pallet rack installation process we developed. Our thorough process has quality control checkpoints throughout each step of the installation. By following these steps, we guarantee your installation is streamlined, safe, and cost-effective:

  1. Assess your space: Before we start your pallet racking installation, it’s essential for us to have an accurate assessment of the size and shape of your warehouse or distribution center. That’s why we do in-person reviews (at our own expense) during the CAD engineering and drawing stage. This allows us to develop the most efficient and cost-effective racking system for your needs based on your facility’s layout and operations.
  2. Choose a supplier: Once we determine the size and shape of your warehouse, it’s time to choose a pallet rack supplier. Distribution X partners with the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, allowing you to choose the best products from brands known for high-quality materials.
  3. Install wire guidance systems: For safety reasons, installing a wire guidance system in any pallet racking system you use is vital. Distribution X designs and installs the highest quality wire guidance systems available on the market, helping ensure your installation goes smoothly and safely.
  4. Inspect all components: After installing all features, it’s critical to inspect each part of the system to make sure it is sound and safe. Distribution X’s experienced pallet rack installers inspect every aspect of your system and make sure that all components are correctly installed and secure to keep your workers and warehouse safe.
  5. Anchor the racking: Once all components have been inspected, it’s important to anchor the pallet racking system into the floor or walls of your warehouse. Distribution X offers various anchoring solutions to keep your system secure and stable.
  6. Final inspections and testing: Once we’ve installed everything, we must do one final inspection of the entire pallet rack and ensure proper functionality. We test systems by loading a few pallets onto them. DX’s experienced installers consult with you to learn your weight limit requirements and dials in your system to ensure it can handle them.

Pallet Rack Installation Services for Any System

From customizing an automated system for your brand-new facility to retrofitting warehouse racks to make better use of vertical and floor space, there is no racking project too large or small for Distribution X. We offer nationwide pallet racking installation services for any system, including:

Wire Guidance System Installation

When it comes to rail or wire guidance installation services, working with a knowledgeable and experienced installation crew is essential. With our expertise and specialized equipment, Distribution X ensures your very narrow aisle (VNA) system is installed correctly and functions as intended—allowing your forklift operators to focus on order picking and not steering.