Warehouse Guard Rail Systems

Specializing In the Design and Installation of Guard Rails for Warehouses

Providing Safety-Enhancing Guard Rails for Warehouses and Storage Facilities

As a warehouse business owner or operator, you understand the importance of safety and security in your facility. That’s why having a guard rail system in place is essential for helping to protect your workers and inventory. Distribution X designs and installs custom warehouse guardrail systems tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs while helping keep it safe.

We know how to develop, install, and maintain guardrails for warehouses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that your solution is optimized. Our team of experts helps you find cost-effective solutions that fit your budget and project timeline. With a DX custom warehouse guardrail system, you have the comfort of knowing your facility has the best protection solution in place.

Benefits of a Warehouse Guardrail System

With DX’s guard rails for warehouses, you can take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Increased safety and fall protections for operators and inventory
  • Improved security for preventing unauthorized access
  • Reduced risk of accidents and injury due to falls and collisions
  • Prevents damage to expensive equipment from forklifts and other machinery
  • Enhances visibility for better warehouse navigation and productivity
  • Minimizes the potential for theft or vandalism
  • Improved traffic flow with designated lanes for workers, forklifts, and foot traffic
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and reconfiguration as needed

Guard Rail System Applications

Distribution X works with you to develop customized guard rail systems for a variety of uses, including:

  • Protect walls, racks, shelving units, corners, mezzanines, and stairwells
  • Increase safety on and around forklift driving lanes
  • Create buffer zones, loading docks, or safe walkways
  • Surround hazardous areas such as working heights or hazardous materials storage areas
  • Protect critical machinery and equipment from impact
  • Assure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements

Request Your Guard Rail System Quote Today

Don’t risk the safety and security of your employees and products with a flawed or nonexistent warehouse guard rail system. Reach out to Distribution X to set a time to discuss installing guard rails and receive a quote at no cost.

Customized Warehouse Guard Rails for Any Circumstance

Whether you need to protect against slippery working surfaces or a safety barrier for tall racking systems, installing guard rails in warehouses, distribution centers, and sorting facilities is just good business. Distribution X’s team of experienced engineers and installation technicians work with you to develop a permanent or removable guard rail system that leaves everyone and everything at your site safer and more secure.

The most commonly utilized warehouse guard rail systems include in-rack guard rails, column protectors, corner guards, and mezzanine safety gates. In-rack guard rails are designed to fit inside pallet racks and provide protection from falls and collisions. Column protectors are made from heavy-duty steel or plastic and shield posts, columns, and beams from forklift damage. Corner guards are mounted to the wall or equipment to provide extra protection during material handling activities. Mezzanine safety gates help keep employees safe while accessing elevated work platforms.

Turnkey Solutions for All Your Warehouse Guard Rail System Needs

When it comes time to install a guard rail system at a new facility or overhaul subpar protections at an existing one, the last thing you want is a prolonged, disruptive process. With decades of combined experience and an in-house crew, Distribution X quickly and efficiently handles all aspects of your guard rail project.

DX’s comprehensive, turnkey solutions make it easy to implement guard rail systems into your facility. Our nationwide services include integration, facility planning, CAD engineering and permitting, source and procurement, project management, and installation. By utilizing these services our pallet racking accessories, you gain confidence knowing your system is installed correctly and in compliance with the latest safety standards.

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