CAD Design Services

Providing Comprehensive Facility Design, Engineering, and Permit Services

Maximize Your Operations With Expert Facility Design, Engineering, and Permitting Services

No matter how high-quality a pallet racking system is or how efficient your automated solutions are, without the right facility design, you’re bound to run into problems. Distribution X offers a comprehensive suite of CAD design services, including warehouse rack engineering, permitting services ,2D and 3D modeling and drawings, and facility design and layout assistance. With our experienced team of engineers and designers, you can rest assured that your facility is designed to maximize storage space and fully utilize automated processes.

In addition to being a CAD company, Distribution X also provides permitting services for warehouse racking systems. We obtain the necessary permits from local authorities so that your facility can operate smoothly and compliantly without any issues down the line. Our experienced team ensures that all of the paperwork is handled correctly and promptly so you can avoid the hassles of permitting and your project isn’t plagued by delays.

On-Site Visits

No matter how detailed blueprints are or accurate measurements may be, it’s nearly impossible to offer the highest quality CAD design services without visiting your site. That’s why DX travels to your facility, at our own expense, to get an in-person feel for your facility. This allows us to create precise facility designs that utilize every inch of your space for maximized operational and efficiency and storage capacity.

Request Your Facility Design Quote Today

No matter what type of facility layout you have, Distribution X’s CAD design services can maximize its potential. Reach out to set up a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your facility design ideas and provide a quote.

The Benefits of Our In-House CAD Design Services

Working with Distribution X for layout designs, rack system engineering, building permit processing, and CAD services provides numerous benefits for your business, including:

  • Cost savings: As a self-performing CAD company with a dedicated engineering team, we don’t have to sub-out work to costly engineering firms. You gain all the benefits of an optimized facility layout design with minimal capital investment.
  • Increased quality: By utilizing our in-house facility design and engineering team, we’re able to ensure all aspects of your project are delivered to our exacting standards and your requirements.
  • Improved communication: Having DX’s entire engineering team in one location allows for better communication between departments and ensures that all parties involved are up to date with progress and deadlines.
  • Streamlined processes: Distribution X’s project managers and engineers quickly submit plans, drawings, and reports that meet local regulations and requirements. Our permitting services minimize the likelihood of delays and holdups.
  • Reduced chance of delay: Relying on an external CAD company can lead to project delays, while our engineers provide quick turnaround on designs and changes.

Providing Turnkey Facility Design, Engineering, and Installation Services

Whether you need product designs for a high volume racking system install or CAD modeling for an inefficient facility renovation, Distribution X is your one stop solution. We specialize in material handling solutions with a focus on automation and space utilization. We design, engineer, integrate, and install custom warehouse racking solutions tailored to your specifications.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers allows us to source and procure the highest quality products. Once we’ve completed our CAD design services and gotten approvals on all permitting, our team of experienced project managers ensures everything runs smoothly during your installation. When you work with Distribution X, you’re choosing streamlined, customized services designed to provide long-lasting value and efficiency for your business.