Carton Flow Racks

Maximize Storage Capacity With Carton Flow Racking

Simplify Picking and Increase Efficiency With Custom Carton Flow Racking

Carton flow racks enable high-density storage and deliver space savings and greater stock turnover control. These systems consist of inclined tracks with rollers that move cartons along the track using gravity rather than manual and mechanical elements. When designed and installed by Distribution X, carton flow racking makes it easier for warehouse operators to pick products and increase efficiency.

We custom design and engineer carton flow racks to handle various product loads based on your specific requirements, such as weight capacity, height, and width, number of tracks, and flow speed. DX can even adapt them for manual and automated picking processes. This makes carton flow racking systems especially attractive if your warehouse needs to quickly move large amounts of product.

Common Applications of Carton Flow Racks

DX designs carton flow racking to turn over high-volume stock efficiently. The “first in, first out” (FIFO) setup allows it to be loaded and emptied simultaneously. Because these systems are used to store single cartons and not entire pallets, they provide quick access to a large number of SKUs. Carton flow racking systems are most commonly used in the following industries:

  • Food & beverage
  • Medical
  • Frozen goods
  • Automotive
  • Distribution

The Benefits of Carton Flow Racks

Distribution X’s custom-designed carton flow racking systems provide several advantages, including:

  • Increased efficiency: DX’s carton flow racking systems offer quick and easy access to stock, allowing you to move inventory quickly.
  • Improved picking accuracy: With inventory stored in the same location, workers can find items faster.
  • Reduced labor costs: Because carton flow racks can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously, they require less staffing than traditional racking.
  • Maximized space utilization: Carton flow racking systems utilize every inch of available area.
  • Enhanced safety: Carton flow racking’s FIFO design reduces the risk of accidents caused by falling stock.

Request Your Carton Flow Racking Quote

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Turnkey Carton Flow Rack Solutions for Your Business

As a comprehensive material handling services provider, Distribution X saves you time and money on any warehouse racking project. Our in-house engineers and installers ensure a smooth carton flow racking setup from start to finish so that you can focus on your business priorities and not the status of your installation.

Our end-to-end services include:

Source and Procurement

Through our network of industry-leading manufacturing partners, we ensure your project is implemented correctly and delivers the results and value your business needs to thrive. No matter where you’re located or the size of the project, you can rely on Distribution X to find the best carton flow racking system for your needs.

Project Management and Installation

DX’s project managers guide your rack installation from start to finish. Our PMs and technicians focus on quality and safety while ensuring it’s done on time & within budget. From adding a few carton flow racks to installing an expansive system at a new facility, we’ve got you covered. And your rack system investment is protected by our one-year workmanship warranty and all manufacturer guarantees.

System Integration

DX specializes in carton flow racking, focusing on efficiency and storage maximization. We design, engineer, and install customized solutions to fit your current needs while keeping an eye on your future objectives.

Facility Planning, CAD Design Engineering, and Permitting

Our experts analyze your material handling processes and warehouse setup and review CAD drawings during our on-site meeting. Once we’ve confirmed everything is ready to move forward, we develop carton flow racking and automation strategies to optimize your processes. Additionally, we handle all permitting tasks to remove the burden from you and keep your project on schedule.

Your Source for All Warehouse Racking Needs

As beneficial as carton flow racking systems are, they’re not always the best storage choice for a business. Distribution X makes sure your facility is outfitted with the ideal warehouse racking system by offering several types, including:

Distribution X also offers VNA wire guidance services to make sure you maximize accessibility and storage capacity throughout your warehouse.

Are You Considering Automating Processes?

Discover how Distribution X can increase efficiency, lower operational costs, and increase safety through automation.