Pallet Shuttles

Reduce downtime and replace aging forklift equipment with our high tech pallet shuttles.

Boost Efficiency in Your Facility With Distribution X’s Industry-Leading Pallet Shuttles

Your facility’s current storage and retrieval systems might not be maximizing their full potential. At Distribution X, we specialize in pallet shuttle systems designed to increase productivity in your warehouse or cold storage environments. Our offerings span a variety of house design styles, each aimed at enhancing your storage systems.

How Do Our Pallet Shuttles Work?

To accommodate high-density storage, we integrate sophisticated technology with a simple control tablet interface. The user simply places pallets on a specially designed shuttle cart, and the automatic pallet shuttle system transports them to their assigned location within the storage racks.

The Benefits of Distribution X’s Pallet Shuttles Installation

Not only do our pallet shuttle racking system installations promise improved warehouse efficiency, they also improve traffic management by reducing the number of aisles needed for forklifts, making for a safer work environment.

Pallet Shuttle Automation Feature

With our pallet shuttle automation feature, users can closely monitor inventory for greater stock control, increasing productivity.

Request Your Pallet Shuttle Installation Quote Today

If you are looking for a solution to optimize time and replace aging equipment, check out our selection of pallet shuttles at Distribution X. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss the best options for your facility and provide a quote at no charge.

Additional Warehouse Shuttle Systems Available at Distribution X

  • Dual-Level Shuttle Systems: Our dual-level shuttle rack system doubles the storage capacity of your warehouse, a fantastic solution for businesses of any size.
  • High-Density Shuttle Systems: Our pallet shuttle racking system allows for efficient use of space while providing fast and precise stock access. This high-density approach makes it possible to increase storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility.
  • Mini-Load Shuttle Systems: If your enterprise stores smaller goods in substantial volumes, our mini-load shuttle systems can be the ideal solution. They are scaled-down versions of our regular pallet shuttle racking systems, perfect for managing the high-density storage of small items.
  • Crane-Based Shuttle Systems: Our crane-based shuttle systems use stacker cranes to store and retrieve products. It’s an advanced solution for projects with high-level management, ensuring that every process runs smoothly from the start.

Partner With Distribution X for Top-of-the-Line Pallet Shuttle Installation Today

Investing in a racking system translates to optimizing your density storage system, easing your traffic management system, and ensuring safety. Let Distribution X guide you in unlocking this potential. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s explore how our pallet shuttle systems can transform your storage space.