Warehouse Automation Solutions

Providing Efficient Warehouse Automation Solutions

Maximize Storage Capacity and Efficiency With an Automated Warehouse System

Distribution X is an industry-leading warehouse automation company that helps clients around the country simplify their processes and reduce costs. Our selection includes a wide variety of automated solutions fit to assist your pallet racking storage needs and efficiency goals. From ASRS systems to robotic palletizers, DX has the material handling solution for your business.

AGV Systems

Another feature of DX’s warehouse automation solutions are AGV systems. Our automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems are autonomous vehicles guided by a combination of sensors, software, and control systems to move and transport goods within a warehouse. They can easily navigate through narrow aisles and tight corners, allowing for a more efficient use of space within the facility.

Pallet Shuttles

DX’s pallet shuttles involve a specialized shuttle that travels along rails within a storage rack to transport pallets of goods to and from their designated locations. By utilizing vertical space and reducing the number of aisles required for forklifts to maneuver, our pallet shuttles can significantly increase the storage capacity of a warehouse.

AMR Systems

Distribution X’s automated material handling and retrieval (AMR) systems are another valuable asset in our selection of warehouse automation solutions. AMR systems use narrow aisles and can stack products much higher, thus increasing the storage capacity of a warehouse. They also are able to quickly and accurately retrieve products, reducing the time it takes for employees to locate and transport goods manually.

Benefits of Our Automated Warehouse Solutions

Your application can benefit from our warehouse automation solutions and systems offered by Distribution X:

  • Increased efficiency: Automation reduces the manual labor required for tasks such as picking, packing, and shipping, leading to faster and more accurate processing times.
  • Reduced costs: By minimizing labor costs and increasing efficiency, automation can lower overall operational costs and improve profitability.
  • Improved safety: Automated systems can handle heavy and bulky items without putting workers at risk of injury or fatigue.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Faster, more accurate order processing leads to happier customers, increased sales, and improved customer retention.
  • Competitive advantage: By adopting warehouse automation solutions, Distribution X can gain a competitive edge over other businesses that rely solely on manual labor.

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Pallet Rack Support With DX’s Warehouse Automation Solutions

Distribution X’s automated warehouse solutions are compatible with a wide range of pallet racking systems for your space, including:

Turnkey Pallet Racking Services Services

DX offers quality turnkey solutions like system integration, facility planning, CAD design engineering and permitting, source and procurement, project management, and installation services, thanks to our material handling warehouse automation services.