ASRS System Services

Optimize Your Warehouse and Productivity With an ASRS System

Maximize Efficiency and Storage Capacity With an ASRS Racking System

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are a cost-effective way to maximize efficiency and storage capacity within any warehouse or industrial facility. These systems use computer-controlled technologies and custom-designed racks to store items of varying sizes, shapes, and weights in an automated fashion.

When Distribution X combines these features and integrates them into one system, your application experiences significant benefits over manual storage methods, such as reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, increased safety, and maximized storage capacity.

The Benefits of ASRS Automation

Using an ASRS racking system from Distribution X comes with several key benefits compared to manual storage methods, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: With automation comes accuracy; which improves selection speeds and causes fewer errors than manual processes.
  • Improved space utilization: By utilizing vertical space more efficiently, you can pack more products into a smaller area while still having easy access.
  • Enhanced safety and security features: Racking systems at DX equipped with safety features, such as sensors and interlocks, help to prevent accidents while maintaining maximum security over your valuable goods.
  • Improved customer service: Fast order fulfillment times not only increase customer satisfaction but also result in cost savings for your application.
  • Scalable system: Our ASRS systems at DX are scalable, meaning they can easily be expanded or downsized depending on growth or fluctuations in demand.
  • Easy maintenance: Automation eliminates many maintenance requirements associated with manual storage processes, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Common ASRS Storage System Applications

From manufacturing and logistics to the aerospace industry, Distribution X has your application covered with our advanced ASRS systems.

  • Manufacturing, distribution, and logistics: DX’s ASRS systems provide a great way to streamline your production processes. By automating material handling of supplies and inventory, our ASRS systems can help facilities save time, money, and labor costs.
  • Retail and warehousing: DX’s ASRS racking system helps increase efficiency with automated inventory tracking and retrieval technology. We can reduce the time needed to locate items during order-picking operations.
  • Healthcare facilities: Our ASRS storage system can be used to automate inventory tracking for better patient care processes. Automated item search functions make it easier for staff to quickly find what they need when providing care or stocking supplies in the facility.
  • Aerospace industry: Do processes assist aircraft maintenance or air cargo operations? Dx’s ASRS systems provide automated storage solutions tailored to your unique needs, including specific load requirements or space limitations.

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Your Source for Turnkey ASRS Automation Solutions

The last thing you want in your warehouse or storage space is delays in the distribution process due to accidents. At DX, we make your life easier thanks to our turnkey ASRS automation solutions, which are available through every phase of your project.

System Integration

We offer unique material handling solutions to optimize automation and save on space. Our custom-designed, engineered, and integrated systems meet all your needs. Plus, with our vast network of manufacturing partners, you get a complete turnkey package with warranties included.

Modern automated warehouse management system._

Facility Planning, CAD Design Engineering, and Permitting

At Distribution X, we visit your site to capture the layout. This helps us plan space, review CAD drawings, and identify existing equipment and processes. Accurate details let our engineers design effective storage and automation solutions for your project. We also handle all permitting to ensure you your project is kept on track an you have no extra steps to take.

Source and Procurement

We partner with top-notch manufacturers for the best solutions and outcomes. Our nationwide network ensures high-quality, professional execution throughout all of our practices.

Project Management

Our onsite PMs are crucial for a smooth rollout. They handle every aspect of the project, from start to finish, ensuring you stay within your budget and on time. You can count on DX for successful implementations.


DX’s experienced installation crews specialize in meeting tight deadlines while adhering to strict safety and OSHA standards. We provide custom solutions for small and large-scale projects, from VNA solutions to racking systems.

Transform Any Pallet Rack With an ASRS System

Our ASRS systems solutions are applicable with a wide variety of pallet racking systems, including: